Trim and Extend in AutoCAD

Both Trim and Extend are tools that help modify existing objects. There are some of the tools you will make use of more than thousand times in a project, where the necessity of learning how to make use of them as soon as it is convenient.


This command helps trim objects to meet the edge of other objects. If I have two lines that cross each other and want to trim one/both at the point where they intersect, Trim will help me do it.


The last image shows the final result.

To Trim in AutoCAD

  1. Click on the TRIM icon
  2. Select objects that intersect each other and hit ENTER
  3. Select the part (or parts) to be removed

The figure below help you locate the Trim Command.


How will the Trim command be helpful?

Here are few examples where you can not do without the Trim command.

Example 1


Example 2


 Example 3



The Extend command is not much used compared to the Trim command but can be very helpful at time. It helps extend object(s) to meet the edges of other objects. It is used the same way Trim is used.


One of the cases where this command is helpful is the following.

Let suppose being in the following position. We need to extend the line for it to meet the vertical bar, but we do not know the angle it makes with the horizontal. If not because of the Extend command, it will require a lot of effort to have this right.


Using the Extend command, we can easily extend the line and get the following.


We have just learned how to Trim and Extend in AutoCAD, Here is a quick exercise to help you practice.



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