Enjoy a fully featured flight simulator in thepalm of your hands. Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensiveflight simulation experience on mobile devices whether you are acurious novice or an accomplished pilot. Fly a large selection ofhighly detailed aircraft in regions across the world – day andnight – in many atmospheric condition, and with a wide range ofweight configurations. Improve your skills with our advanced cameraand replay system, letting you scrutinize every portion of yourflight.
• 35 aircraft (17 included + 18 available for purchase): Airbus,Boeing, Embraer, Cessna, Cirrus, etc.
• 14 regions each covering thousands of square kilometers (7included + 7 available for purchase)
• Multiplayer
• All major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
• Flight planning
• Instrument Landing System (ILS)
• Advanced Autopilot Flight Simulator (supports Altitude, Heading,Throttle and Vertical Speed)
• Advanced replay system
• Time and weather conditions
• Weight and balance configuration
• Introductory and takeoff flight lessons
• Logbook
• Achievements
• ForeFlight sync support (View your airplane position inForeFlight as well as Live Traffic)
• And much more…
We’re a team of highly dedicated aviation and flight simulatorenthusiasts and are eager for your feedback. If you don’t likesomething, before rating, you can contact us directly using:
• email ([email protected])
• twitter (@flyingdevstudio)
• Facebook (
• in the “About” section of the flight simulator