How to Calculate an Area in AutoCAD

Calculating an area at the first glance looks pretty easy while you think about it if the first image that came to your mind has been the same as mine: a rectangle where to get the area, you just have to multiply the length by the width of the rectangle.

But if you have a mind like mine, you will easily find out that the only figure that you remember how to find its area is the rectangle, and if you happened to have been working with AutoCAD you might want to know how to with a simple click or clicks find an area without having to have to remember any formula


How to Calculate an area in AutoCAD

Using the word calculate here makes it look pretty complicated, while it is none of the cases.

If you paid attention to the list of AutoCAD commands, you would notice the command line AREA. What this command does is: it Calculates the area and perimeter of objects or of defined areas.

To use the Area command in AutoCAD

  1. Type Area and Press ENTER
  2. Type “O” (like “Object”) and Press ENTER
  3. Select Object(s)

And AutoCAD will tell what the Perimeter and the Area is.

Here is how it looks in the Command window.

1. Type Area and Press ENTER


2. Type “O” and Press ENTER


3.Select Object(s) and Boom


I hope you enjoyed today’s AutoCAD tip/trick and that you will make use of this not too well know command sometime in the near future.