Drawing your first object – AutoCAD

We will jump few steps and head to drawing the first day. let see how practical this could be, but what is sure is that I will give you a quick feeling about what drawing in AutoCAD is like.

We would have started by describing the environment, working a little on vocabulary, what about settings you should do on the first day? Well, we will come back in detail to that in the following tutorials.

lets waste time no more!

Drawing an object in AutoCAD

If you have not download AutoCAD yet, you can download AutoCAD following what was said earlier.

If you have downloaded AutoCAD and installed it on your computer. Open a blank drawing file and let’s start playing.

Two simple steps

1 – Click on the white sheet on the left upper corner


2 – Click on Open


You are now in the main window. Feel free to close the window on the left side (if you are working on the same version as I do), it won’t be useful for now.

If you did close the left windows, the following image is what you should be left with.


We are now set to start running.

Drawing a line in AutoCAD.

Not to go too fast, we are going to draw a line.

Google says that in analytic geometry, a line in the plane is often defined as the set of points whose coordinates satisfy a given linear equation, but do not worry! we are not going to start talking about equation and algebra here, I would like to deteriorate that definition a little to make it more simple for us.

We will define a line here like a straight rope that need two points to hang itself on.

How will this definition help us here? It will help us remember that AutoCAD needs information about the location of the two points to be able to draw a line, provided the fact that the line command is activated.

A line

To draw a line in AutoCAD. follow the following.

1 – Activate the LINE command with a click on its appropriate icon.


2 – Click anywhere in the drawing area to tell AutoCAD where you want the first point to be

3 – Repeat the previous step after sliding the cursor away from the first point.

4 – Press the ESC key on your keyboard to Cancel the command.

If you have more than a line to draw, you don’t have to start each by starting all over again. You might have noticed that after step 3, AutoCAD was letting you draw another line considering its beginning was at the end of the previously drawn line.

If you look at the object below, you will see that it has 3 points.

If we were to draw this (we do not care about dimensions and line inclinations for now), we will

  1. Activate the Line command
  2. Click to indicate the point 1
  3. Click to indicate the point 2
  4. Click to indicate the point 3
  5. Click on point 1 again to close it
  6. Press the ESC key


You must still have many questions about drawing a line, No worries! More will be covered in next tutorials. Possibilities might still remain few with what you know so far. As you learn possibilities will increase.