AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

At an advanced stage, while operating on AutoCAD, one will no longer have as an option to avoid using commands via the command window. While you are learning how to use AutoCAD, you must at the same level of importance be allocating some attention to learning how to use shortcuts to be more efficient in speed and in intuition.

AutoCAD offers a bunch of easy to remember keyboard shortcuts that will contribute to making your life way easier while you work on projects.

How will AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts help me?

AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts will help you get things done quickly with less hassle. Stroking a key can just help activate a command that will in normal condition require you to type a relatively long keyword.

How to use AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts?

Those shortcuts and meant to be short cuts. To use a keyboard shortcut in AutoCAD, simply Press that key instead of reaching out to the command itself.

I will consider the ESC (ESCAPE) key to be the most used keyboard shortcuts while using AutoCAD. If not because of this key, you will have to right click and select cancel, to cancel a command in AutoCAD


Another example of the use of a shortcut in AutoCAD will be the following. If you have ever activated the LINE command using the command window, you know that in order to activate the LINE command, you need to type LINE and press ENTER. Using the shortcuts corresponding to this command you will type L and Press ENTER.

Activation of the LINE command using the L shortcut

Activation of the LINE command without using shortcut

  • Type LINE and Press ENTER

AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

AutoCAD has made available a list that will help identify all keyboard shortcuts while using the latter software.

A piece of this list goes like


Full list of AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

AutoCAD mouse shortcuts

I would not end this post without mentioning this very underused AutoCAD mouse shortcut.

Pressing the right click can help bypass the ENTER key while using some commands in AutoCAD. Try the following and experiment for yourself: (get two objects to trim before trying the following)

  1. Activate the TRIM command
  2. Select objects to trim
  3. Right click once
  4. Select edges to erase

Notice the third step, have you made use of this trick yet? if not, start making more use of it, I personally can not do without it sometime.

Feel free to drop some shortcuts you might have made use of and think people are not taking advantage of them, in the comment section below.