3D Design Project for Beginners – A Stool

Here is a cool 3D design project to work on as a beginners.

In this session, we will use 123D Design to model the stool you can see on the picture below.


Here are the 2D representations of each part of the stool with dimensions.
3d design projects for beginners

Step 1

Open the software and make sure you are working on a 2D view.

Here is how the drawing area should look like at this stage


Now that you are on a 2D plane, we can start sketching.

Step 2

Get the following image created


You can deduct the dimensions of these objects looking at the 2D representations we had in the beginning of this post. (You can decide to draw the whole legs like in the image where we had dimensions ON, I decided to draw only half of each legs to save time)

The information below can help you move faster


Step 3

Extrude each piece by 3 mm


Step 4

Snap the cross on the seat. (Simply click on SNAP, select the top face of the cross and select the top face of the seat)


Step 5

Un-group the cross and the seat


Step 6

Move the cross 3 mm downward.


Step 7

Subtract the cross from the seat


Step 8

Rotate the legs by 90 degrees, and MIRROR each to obtain the whole legs.


Step 9

Use the same SNAP tool we used in step 4 to assemble all together


Here you have it!

You can now use the FILLET tool to make the design more realistic.